Financial information

The financial information on our website contains a lot of technical terminology. On this page, we provide an overview of most terms.

Acquisition cost The acquisition cost is the value agreed between parties on the basis of which the transaction is carried out. If transaction rights have been paid, these are included in the acquisition value.
Average financing cost The average financing cost is equal to the interest cost including the credit margin and the cost of hedging instruments, plus capitalised intercalary interest divided by the weighted average financial debt over the period concerned.
Average number of shares The average number of shares indicates how many HOMI shares were in circulation during the reference period. These are calculated excluding the 11,712 own shares held by the company.

EPRA result

The EPRA result is the net result excluding (i) the portfolio result, (ii) the changes in fair value of financial assets and liabilities and (iii) the non-EPRA elements of the share in the result of associates and joint ventures. This term is used in accordance with the EPRA Best Practices Recommendations.

Debt ratio (RREC RD) This is the debt ratio calculated in accordance with the RREC RD This means that participations in associated companies and joint ventures are processed according to the proportional consolidation method for the purpose of calculating the debt ratio.
Debt ratio (IFRS) This debt ratio is calculated in the same way as the debt ratio (RREC RD), but based on and reconcilable with the consolidated balance sheet in accordance with IFRS in which participations in associated companies and joint ventures are accounted for by the equity method.
Distributable result The distributable result is defined as the EPRA result plus realised distributable capital gains on sales.
EPRA NAV per share This is the Net Asset Value or Net Value per Share according to EPRA's Best Practices Recommendations.
Estimated rental value The estimated rental value (ERV) is the rental value that, in the opinion of the property expert, corresponds to the market rental price.
Ex-date Date of cut-off of the coupon.
Exit tax The companies that request their recognition as a GVV or that merge with a GVV are subject to a specific tax or exit tax.
Free float [( Total number of shares at year-end) - (total number of shares held by parties who have made themselves known through a transparency declaration in accordance with the Act of 2 May 2007)] / [total number of shares at year-end].
Gross dividend yield (Gross dividend for the financial year)/(Share price on the last quotation day of the financial year).
Gross rental yield (Annualised gross contractual rents + estimated rental value on vacant premises) / (fair value of investment properties available for lease).
IFRS NAV per share This is the Net Asset Value or Net Value per Share according to IFRS.
IFRS standards The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of accounting principles and valuation rules drawn up by the International Accounting Standards Board, which serve to facilitate international comparison between European listed companies. European listed companies must apply these standards in their consolidated accounts from the financial year starting after 1 January 2005. The Belgian RRECs must also apply these standards in their statutory accounts as from the financial year starting on 1 January 2007.
Occupancy rate

The occupancy rate represents the average percentage, over a given period, of the contractual rents of the leased premises, in relation to the sum of the contractual rents of the leased premises and the estimated rental value of the unleased premises.

This is the occupancy rate of the total investment properties available for lease, excluding (i) buildings under renovation, (ii) buildings that are the subject of initial marketing, (iii) buildings for sale.

Operating margin The operating margin is a KPI that is calculated by this formula: (Operating result before result on portfolio)/(Net rental result).
RREC legislation The Royal Decree of 13 July 2014 implementing the Law of 12 May 2014 on regulated real estate companies, as amended by the Law of 22 October 2017 and the Royal Decree of 23 April 2018.
Year built The year in which the building was constructed or last thoroughly renovated.