About us

The values of our corporate culture are bundled into 6 core concepts.

These values indicate how we deal with colleagues and customers, and what we consider important.


We encourage initiative and we promote entrepreneurship. We take responsibility. We are open to innovation and dare to change course. We try new things, and we accept that there is no growth without failure.


We want to do what we do best in class. We constantly ask ourselves how we do it and what we can improve. We have clear procedures and are continuously developing our own expertise. We also choose our partners on the basis of their expertise and quality.


We work as one team towards our goal, with respect for each other. We transcend self-interest and put our own egos aside. We take an active interest in each other's work and help each other. We are an inclusive organisation, both externally and internally.


We are respectful and reliable with each other and as partners with customers, suppliers, government and shareholders. We do what we say and say what we do. We stand up straight, and act transparently, independently and correctly. We expect the same from all our partners.


We know our (internal and external) customers, are there for to them and listen to their needs and interests. We think along with them and provide quick responses and quality solutions. We build a safe, comfortable, pleasant and stimulating environment for ourselves and all our customers.


We are helping to build a healthy and sustainable future. We are aware of our social responsibility, today and tomorrow. Sustainable also means that we build a healthy and profitable model in the long term. In doing so, we always seek harmony between people and the environment.