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Home Invest Belgium has been active as a specialist in residential real estate for more than 24 years. On this page we look back from 2023 to the foundation of the company in 1999.


• Finalisation of the renovation of L'Angelot in Namur
• Completion of Niefhout residential project in Turnhout
• Capital increase with 1.791.706 new shares


  • Share split by factor 5
  • Delivery of The Fairview in Brussels
  • Capital increase of € 30 million via accelerated bookbuilding
  • Completion of the renovation of RQE in Brussels
  • Inclusion in EPRA index
  • Obtaining building permit for Jourdan in Saint-Gilles, Brussels
  • Acquisition of building Block D in Quartier Bleu in Hasselt


  • Purchase of development project City Dox
  • Acquisition of a building in the Ankerrui in Antwerpen
  • Delivery of The Felicity in Laeken

The Felicity
The Felicity


  • Purchase of a building in the rue Léon Theodor in Jette
  • Completion of Le Mosan in Liège
  • Opening of The Factory in Molenbeek
  • Purchase of the Niefhout development project in Turnhout

Aankoop pand Jette


  • Completion of The Crow-n project in Kraainem
  • Acquisition of the company BE Real Estate, owner of 4 aparthotels in Brussels
  • Acquisition of a residential development project Samberstraat in Antwerp

The Crow'n
The Crow'n, Kraainem


  • Inauguration of The Pulse project in Molenbeek
  • Acquisition of the shares of Immobilière Meyers-Hennau, owner of a building in Laeken
  • Acquisition of 51.43% of the shares of Sunparks De Haan nv via a newly incorporated company De Haan Vakantiehuizen, of which Home Invest Belgium holds 50% of the shares

De Haan Vakantiehuizen
Sunparks De Haan


  • Acquisition of the Jourdan 95 project in Saint-Gilles
  • Strengthening of the position in Center Parcs Port Zélande in the Netherlands
  • Acquisition of the shares of the company Investers nv
  • Purchase of the Liberty's building in Auderghem
  • Effective acquisition of The Factory project and start of works

Jourdan 95
Jourdan 95, Brussels


  • Delivery and commercialisation of The Horizon in Brussels
  • Acquisition of The Pulse project in Molenbeek and start of works
  • Purchase of the Scheldevleugel building in Oudenaarde
  • First investment in the Netherlands through the purchase of holiday homes in Ouddorp (Port Zélande)

Port Zélande
Port Zélande


  • Completion of buildings Trône and The Link
  • Purchase of the Livingstone building in Brussels
  • Agreement for the acquisition of The Factory redevelopment project in Brussels
  • Renovation of the Clos Saint-Géry houses in Ghlin and the Charles Woeste and ArchView buildings in Brussels



  • Recognition as a Regulated Real Estate Company (RREC)
  • Bond issue of € 39.8 million
  • Acquisition of the La Résidence building in Brussels

La Résidence
La Résidence


  • Purchase of a building complex in Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Completion of the mansion with flats Rue Belliard 21 in Brussels
  • Purchase of The Horizon, Trône, The Link and The Inside developments in Brussels
  • Purchase of The Crow-n development in Kraainem



  • Completion of the renovation of the City Gardens real estate complex in Leuven

City Gardens
City Gardens, Leuven


  • Acquisition of the buildings Haverwerf in Mechelen, Les Érables in Brussels and City Gardens in Leuven

Haverwerf, Mechelen


  • Acquisition of a portfolio in Liège
  • Entry of Groep Van Overstraeten into the capital
  • Contribution of the Sippelberg, Lambermont and Baeck buildings in Brussels

Sippelberg, Brussels


  • Acquisition of the Erainn and Voisin buildings in Brussels

Voisin, Brussels


  • Capital increase of € 31.6 million through the issue of new shares
  • Purchase of the Florida buildings in Waterloo

Florida, Waterloo


  • Acquisition of Giotto building in Brussels

Giotto building
Giotto, Brussels


  • Entry of AXA into the capital
  • Contribution of the Clos de la Pépinière, Bosquet-Jourdan and Jourdan-Monnaie buildings in Brussels

Jourdan-Bosquet, Brussels


  • Creation of Home Invest Belgium
  • Approval as Sicafi
  • Initial public offering
  • Portfolio of 13 buildings with a total value of € 41 million

Mélèzes, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert