The total capital of Home Invest Belgium amounts to € 104.051.131,20 and is represented by 20.200.136 shares.

There are no preference shares. Each of these shares confers one voting right at the general meeting and these shares represent the denominator for the transparency notification.

In addition to the legal thresholds, set at 5% and multiples of 5%, Home Invest Belgium applies an additional statutory threshold of 3%.

Buying Home Invest Belgium shares

Home Invest Belgium is listed on Euronext Brussels. The ISIN code is BE0974409410. To buy shares, you can contact your financial institution or an online broker.

If you are interested in the evolution of the Home Invest Belgium share, please visit the page on our share price. Keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee for the future and let yourself be advised.

Based on the transparency notifications received, the following shareholder structure is known.

Shareholder Number of shares % of the capital
Van Overstraeten group1 (*) 6.122.785 30,3%
AXA SA2 (*) 3.507.465 17,4%
Spouses Van Overtveldt - Henry de Frahan (**) 628.748 3,1%
Own shares 88.342 0,4%
Free float 9.852.796 48,8%
Total 20.200.136 100%

Stavos Real Estate BV is 100% controlled by the partnership BMVO 2014.
The partnership BMVO 2014 is controlled 100% by Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos.
Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos is 100% controlled by LiƩvin, Hans, Johan and Bart Van Overstraeten.
Cocky NV is 100% controlled by Stavos Real Estate BV, the partnership BMVO 2014, V.O.P. and Cocky NV.
Van Overstraeten Real Estate NV (abbreviated V.O.R.E. NV) is 100% controlled by Stavos Real Estate BV.
Van Overstaeten Sport NV (abbreviated V.O.S. NV) is 100% controlled by Stavos Real Estate BV.
Van Overstaeten Patrimonium NV (abbreviated V.O.P. NV) is 100% controlled by Stavos Real Estate BV.

AXA Belgium SA is a subsidiary of AXA Holdings Belgium SA itself a subsidiary of AXA NV

(*) Based on the most recent information received from the shareholder.