About us

3x value creation

At Home Invest Belgium, we combine a high return with a young building stock (our buildings are on average less than ten years old), and a high dividend that has been increasing for twenty years.

Analysts and critical investors sometimes wonder: is that a sustainable model? We are convinced it is, yes! This is the strength of the vertical integration we employ: by doing everything in-house, we create a lot of margin.

And although letting is, of course, our main source of income, it is not our only source of value creation. The strategy of Home Invest Belgium is one of 3 ways of value creation.

1. Construction

To begin with, we already create value by developing or renovating our buildings ourselves. In this way, we avoid an additional middleman and can optimise cost efficiency.

Our real estate differs significantly from flats apartments being developed for sale: for example, a flat for rent does not need to be maximised in terms of surface area, but in terms of living experience. People buy square metres, but they rent living spaces.

To enhance the living experience of our tenants, we provide our buildings with common areas such as bicycle storage, laundry facilities, common relaxation areas and even guest rooms.

Home Invest Belgium has a long-term investment strategy - so we have every interest in building with high-quality materials, which reduces the total cost of ownership of our buildings.

2. Letting

We target the mid-market segment with our premium apartments, where demand consistently outweighs supply.

You can rent a well-located, new-built 2-bedroom apartment in Brussels from Home Invest Belgium for less than €1,000 per month. Our occupancy rate is therefore high – around 98%.

3. Value increase

Finally, we create added value by retaining our buildings in our portfolio for a long time. We invest in high-quality and location, so that our buildings' value increases over the years.

So, for the third time in a row, we have created added value for our shareholders.

The increase in the value of our portfolio also opens the door for new investments. This creates a flywheel inertia effect that allows us to grow in a stable, sustainable manner without taking large financial risks while still paying out a higher dividend year after year.

This helps us accomplish the two pillars of our philosophy: to be our tenants' landlord of choice and offer investors a means to invest in residential property without worries.