Corporate Governance

The board of directors determines the company's strategy and takes the final decisions on investments and disinvestments. The board of directors of Home Invest Belgium currently consists of 7 non-executive directors and 2 effective leaders.

The board of directors draws up the half-yearly and annual accounts of Home Invest Belgium, as well as the annual financial report in anticipation of the general meeting of shareholders, the half-yearly financial report and the interim statements.

It approves merger reports, decides on the use of the authorised capital and convenes ordinary and extraordinary general meetings. It ensures the accuracy, precision and transparency of the communications made to shareholders, financial analysts and the public in the form of prospectuses, annual and half-yearly reports, interim and occasional press releases, and updates of the website

It delegates day-to-day management to the management, which reports regularly on its activities and submits an annual budget and quarterly statements to the board.